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620 Synquench Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Synquench is a polyol ester base fire-resistant hydraulic fluid (FRHF) recommended for hydraulic applications where potential fire hazards exist. Further blended into Synquench is a specialized additive package, which provides the lubricant with exceptional anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibiting, corrosion inhibiting and demulsibility properties.

The synthetic base stock used in Synquench provides a viscosity index greater than 200, which allows the fluid to maintain viscosity during temperature changes. By maintaining viscosity, Synquench provides maximum hydraulic efficiency and minimum difficultly in a wide range of temperatures. Additionally, Synquench’s low acid numbers and hydroxyl values enable to the fluid to resist varnish and lacquer deposits, especially during high temperature conditions. This results in increased fluid stability and extended service life.

Schaeffer’s fire-resistant hydraulic fluid meets and exceeds Denison HF-5, Sperry Vickers and Factory Mutual’s Class II less hazardous fluid rating.

Performance Benefits

  • Maintains proper fluid flow during higher temperatures.
  • Strong resistance to varnish and lacquer deposits, especially during high temperature conditions.
  • High temperature handling capability—high flash, fire and auto ignition temperatures.
  • Excellent low temperature properties.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • Compatible with all seal types.