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Schaeffer's lubricants

With Schaeffer’s quality and experience trusted for over 175 years, you’ll get performance as durable as our reputation.

Schaeffer’s lubricants work harder in tough conditions, and maintain performance for more uninterrupted hours of production. Using advanced synthetic base fluids, our lubricants optimize equipment by reducing friction, wear and heat. Equipment doesn’t have to work harder or use more energy to keep up with output. The lasting staying power of our products means longer lubricant life and reduced maintenance without the added cost.

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  • Local support from our highly trained and certified representatives
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher fuel efficiency than with conventional fluids
  • Strong wear protection against extreme pressures
  • Resist thermal degradation at higher temperatures
  • Excellent film strength and flowability in extreme temperatures
  • Excellent demulsibility – resist emulsification with water
  • Online oil analysis to extend drain intervals and pinpoint mechanical issues
  • American made, family owned since 1839.

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