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Ed Lowe<br>Dawsonville, GA

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Ed Lowe<br>Dawsonville, GA

Always Going Beyond


Ed Lowe became a Schaeffer Manufacturing sales rep in 1993. He had driven a truck for 30 years delivering goods in the US, Mexico and Canada. When he was introduced to Schaeffer by a friend, he visited the plant in St. Louis. It wasn't long before a manager and tech associate came to make calls with Ed. The first calls were made to chicken processing plants needing food-grade lubricants. Schaeffer's Tech Dept. and head chemist worked with Ed to expand the food-grade lubricant product line. There have been many improvements to the lubricants over the years, going beyond the expected to get to the excellent.

Ed enjoys meeting his customers face-to-face which is one reason he loves the racing community. Ed's experience in the racing community has forged long relationships with prominent racers such as Ray Cook and Casey Roberts. Ed takes the time to get what you need for your operation and keeps coming back to make sure it's working. He goes beyond what is required.

Industries Served

Chicken plants
Racing is Ed's passion.
Trucking: Ed has a company that has been with him for 15 years. He helps them with fuel additives for a healthy fuel and tank system, to increase fuel economy, to extend engine life and to safely extend drain intervals with oil analysis.

Awards & Certifications

In-the-field training with Schaeffer home office personnel

TIAP - Total Immersion Application Program

Ed has over 20 years of experience in the lubrication business.


Member of the Schaeffer's 100% Club