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Ed Lowe<br>Dawsonville, GA

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Ed Lowe<br>Dawsonville, GA

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Racing in the South

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Ed fell in love with racing at a young age. His dad had racing friends from the legendary Dawsonville, GA area, which is home to the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame today. "Racing gets in your blood. It's almost an addiction. It gets discouraging, but you always go back." says Ed Lowe. He enjoys both drag racing and circle track. Regardless of the race you are in, be it in life or on the track, Ed wants you to be a winner.

Bottom Line Savings

Gooch Trucking, Blairsville, GA

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Gooch Trucking of Blairsville in northeast Georgia started out in 1984 as a single dump truck operation and has grown to a major force in the transport of propane gas and LNG (liquid natural gas). The fleet is now 37 trucks, with 45 propane tanks, 6 natural gas tanks, 10 flatbeds, and 4 lowboys.

Gooch Trucking is justifiably proud of having earned and maintained an A-rating, and this is due to the quality of the service Gooch offers to its customers. This quality is reflected in the equipment the company operates and in its emphasis on maintenance, a standard that was set on May 1, 1984, the day Glendon Gooch established the company that still bears his name.

Gooch Trucking has been using the full-line of Schaeffer products for over 15 years. The trucks are beautifully maintained. This man loves his trucks and he trusts Schaeffer products.

Products used:
#7000 15W-40 Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus
#239S Super Lube Supreme gear lube
#267 80W-90 Supreme Gear Lube for differentials
#293 75W-90 Supreme Gear Lube
#137ND Diesel Treat 2000™ Ultra Low Sulfur
#190 Penetro 90®
#229-2 Ultra Red Supreme grease

Million Mile Engine Teardown Video, St. Louis, MO

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Schaeffer teamed up with Ranken Technical College to find out how a customer's million miles Ford 5.4L gasoline engine looks after running exclusively on Schaeffer Oil.

The experts were shocked to see the condition of this workhorse. Even the engine's main bearings still had the manufacturer's original numbers inked on them.

Million Mile Diesel Engine Teardown, West Liberty, IL

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Urfer Trucking changes oil in their trucks every 60,000 miles. This million mile diesel engine teardown features a 550 horsepower C-15 Caterpillar diesel engine with 1,055,000 miles and all original parts. Schaeffer's Supreme 7000 diesel oil was the only oil used.

The cleanliness and minimal wear on this engine is a great example of the high-quality base oil and detergency of Schaeffer Oil. Watch the video to see the full teardown.