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285 Fuel Shock

Fuel Shock is a dual phase oil soluble and water-soluble potent broad-spectrum biocide used to prevent and control bacterial and fungal growth that can occur in diesel fuels, biodiesel fuels and home heating oils.

When bacterial and fungal growth is left uncontrolled and untreated, the microbes can produce dense masses that are capable of clogging filters, pumps and fuel lines. Microbes also release organic acids, which can accelerate corrosion of metals that can result in damage to storage tanks and fuel pumping equipment. Fuel Shock will kill these microbes so they can be removed from the system safely and efficiently.

After the micro-organisms are killed, the fuel should be pumped out of the storage tanks and filtered to remove the water bottoms and sludge containing the microorganisms. In extreme cases, where severe microbial growth has occurred and this growth is attached to the walls of the storage tank, the tank should be thoroughly cleaned before the treated fuel is placed back into the tank.

EPA Registration No: 1448-71-71246. Exceeds 15PPM sulfur.

Performance Benefits

  • Maintenance treatment for vehicles that have been in storage for extended periods.
  • Removes bacteria in fuel storage tanks due to moisture.
  • Kills bacteria present in diesel fuel.
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria.