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Leo & Lea Coakley<br>Jeffersonville, IN

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Leo & Lea Coakley<br>Jeffersonville, IN

Local Suppliers of Schaeffer Products

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Leo and Lea Coakley serve Salem, Seymour, Scottsburg, and the Louisville Area. Their goal is to supply the best product for the best price, give the absolute best customer service possible and turn customers into friends.

Is your lubrication program costing or saving you money? The Coakleys can help you reduce down-time, extend component life and use less product.

Contact Leo at 502-396-2768 and Lea at 502-689-3766 for free shipping of a $500 minimum order.

Visit the retailers below for your off-the-shelf Schaeffer product or for your next oil change.  Extend your oil change intervals using Schaeffer's superior product. 

Area Retail Locations

1318 Jackson Street
Salem, IN 47167

Full-line retailer

Bob West Auto Repair
4552 N. Preston Hwy.
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
(502) 955-8787

Get your oil changed here. Ask for Schaeffer oil.