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Leo & Lea Coakley<br>Jeffersonville, IN

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Leo & Lea Coakley<br>Jeffersonville, IN

Bottom Line Savings

Salem Community School, Salem, IN

Salem Community School has been a customer since June 1998. Mark Coomes, the Maintenance Supervisor states, "Before Schaeffer other companies tried to sell us grease by showing that it could withstand the heat of a torch, but I do not run my busses through fire. Once I was shown that the Schaeffer grease could repel water and was 100% waterproof, I was sold because I do run my busses through water. I have switched all my busses over to strictly Schaeffer products.

We also use Schaeffer engine oil. The oil drain intervals started at every 8,000. We were able to safely increase the drain intervals to every 20,000 miles, saving the school thousands of dollars over the last 18 years."

B & R Speed Shop, Fairdale, KY

B & R Speed Shop has been a customer since June 2002.

"Once I started putting Schaeffer in my racing engines I realized very quickly that I was no longer having bearing failures. Because of that, no engine leaves my shop without Schaeffer oil in it!", says Murray Baird, Owner of B & R Speed Shop.

Cumberland Ridge Forest Products, Guthrie, KY

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When company owner Tim Thompson's 2005 John Deere 544J Wheeled Loader began experiencing problems with its mast, Tim disassembled the mast assembly for repairs. It was the first time it had been removed since leaving the factory where it was assembled.

In the process, Tim and his crew were able to inspect the pins and bushings in order to evaluate the performance of Schaeffer's grease. What they saw was almost too good to be true: the factory original pins and bushings "with over 23,000 hours on them" showed almost no signs of wear.